We  found the video only in a spanish version... but the message is Universal. We need to review all our labels about our kid's future, about what we think jobs access will be or [...]

Focusing the mind

If you read about the practice of meditation benefits, you will find a long list: It helps in physical relaxing as mindfulness helps in retraining the body functions, so that the use of the necessary [...]

Reading Yaacov Hecht

On February the 3rd, in the great section of La Contra La Vanguardia, it caught our attention the visible headline: "Every child is a genius at something if we help him to be so." The [...]

The value of frustration

We have too spoiled children in developed Countries? We know how to say no? What we, adults experience when we stay in a NO with the kids we educate? The acceptance of non-immediate compliance of [...]

Pedagogy is king

We would all agree to the asseveration; what should be reviewed are pedagogical practices if our goal is that future generations have the 'skills of the XXIst century' or, translated, that children can be happy [...]

Customized Education: Logan Laplante case

A flexible personalized education, which suits the interests and abilities of each child, that enhances his talent. Would be the ideal of any society: the implementation of a method of individualized instruction, suitable to train [...]

Creativity, so difficult to apply…

Creativity, one of the greatest challenges and one of the great hopes of every business to help with her cousin, innovation, to achieve Company's goals: to grow the business, export, bring to market new products, [...]

Potential geniuses

Originally published on the blog of Connecting Brains. We know we should not judge others based on preconceived criteria. It is political correctness. Apply our prejudices to others is a theoretical highly reprehensible practice, but to which [...]