Creativity, one of the greatest challenges and one of the great hopes of every business to help with her cousin, innovation, to achieve Company’s goals: to grow the business, export, bring to market new products, exit the precarious situation that caused the crisis …

We increasingly know that the future of our businesses depends largely on enhancing creativity. Creativity applied across the fields and practiced by all employees.

But things are not going as they should to move in this direction. The data from a survey conducted by Getty Images iStock in Advertising Week 2013 in New York are significant:

  • 48% of creative thought that levels of creativity in their industry have stagnated or declined.
  • 23% spend less than two hours a day to create.
  • 70% would spend more time on improving their creativity.
  • 60 % say that over the past year had creative ideas, which could not materialize due to lack of funding, lack of time or both.


True: there is no money to invest, no time to lose, sometimes we can’t found support in higher spheres; but there is also another problem: much as we talk about the benefits of creativity in many cases still have not really been internalized. It is a problem of education.

Child hands painted in colorful paints ready for hand prints

Child hands painted in colorful paints ready for hand prints

We have seen in a revealing TED video in which a Korean writer explains why we have to start being artists… Immediately! As children, he says, all of us are artists. But we grow and feel obliged to socialize to be integrated in our environment, to meet the standards, not to do what we should not to do. And by the way we let aside innate abilities that, in adulthood, would be extremely useful, not only to perform art but to be creative.

If, as children, they had let us to create as we wished, if we had been educated in more open basic principles, if we had been able to think, act and express without hindrance…  Would today import the lack of money, lack of time or lack of support ? Or would we keep on creation despite all the obstacles, because creativity would be embedded in our culture and our mentality?

Young-ha Kim , Korean writer, believes that there is still time to fix the mess. Let’s be artists again.