Núria Bosch


Nuria is a specialist in corporate finance and company’s ownership.
Nowadays, her pedagogy activity is combined with the financial one; she is a member of the Board of Directors of Adelte Group, a portfolio company of Baring Private Equity, house where she has worked for 6 years as Investments Director. Her experience in finance includes the whole field of the discipline: asset banking, wealth management (private banking), controlling and corporate finance, in roles as both LP and GP.

During her 30 years of profession, Nuria has developed a teaching career parallel to the financial one, collaborating in the classrooms and exercising different educational responsibilities in several age groups.

Now her interest is to leave a better world through contributing to modernize the education of the youngest.

Javier Echarri

Team Member

Javier Echarri began his career in the Spanish Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers and the Mondragón Group. In 1992 he was appointed Secretary General of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the Benelux, position he held for three years. From 1995, he worked at the BBVA bank as Institutional Banking Director in charge of the European Union institutions. In 1999 Echarri joined the EVCA, The European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, and only a year later, became its fourth Secretary General, a position he held until end-2010.

Volker Hirsch

Team Member

Volker is a mobile veteran with more than 12 years in the space as an angel investor, (co-) founder, executive, advisor, mentor, blogger and speaker. He is currently the Chairman of Cognisess and a Venture Partner at Emerge Venturelabs’ ed-tech accelerator. Emerge was born out of Oxford University’s Said Business School. He is also a co-founder of Blue Beck, a game and app development studio, and Digital M, a provider of branded digital merchandise.

Núria Fusté


Nuria is a High School teacher in Experimental Sciences. She has Biologist formation but she’s educator by vocation. Shaped as a teacher through practice in Schools. ‘I understand education as the opportunity to participate in the process of growing great people. I have a large sense of responsibility to carry out the educational task where the most important is to provide students with necessary tools to be competent’.

Sasha Amorós

Team Member

Mother, educator, monitor, watchman and social integration technician.
I am passionate about learning, reading, researching, dancing and talking with children and adolescents.
I am very happy to contribute to the creation of a friendly, supportive and fraternal society.
My mission is to recover the values, rights and freedoms of the human family from love and the being equilibrium.
It is an honor for me to be able to accompany families through Sophia.