Strategies to motivate your students

(Authomatic Google translation) Motivation is the engine of education. A child who is not motivated is like a sieve, everything that is said in the classroom or working escapes. Instead a child is active and [...]

30 short films to educate values

El cine ha llevado a la gran pantalla muchas películas en las que se tratan temas relacionados con el mundo de la educación. Continuamos ampliado esta entrada con vuestras propuestas hasta alcanzar los 30 cortometrajes para educar en valores. Con ellos, [...]

The deaf frog…

(Authomatic Google translation) A group of frogs was traveling through the forest and suddenly two of them fell into a deep hole. All the other frogs gathered around the pit. When they saw how deep [...]

La casa voladora

We like the magic of Noemi in La Casa Voladora, next to Barcelona, a line of investigation on education is born. You can explore the link here.

happy teachers will change the world

We have recently participate in a Mindfulness retreat with Plum Village 'wake up schools' program organizers. A marvelous experience. We want to share with you the songs we sang: Enjoy!  

What does PISA mean?

China education "Pisa in China" PISA mean ranking our children as if they were in a permanent race. When will we wake up to the true real needs for a personalized s.XXII education?


This video show us that we are not in the society we would like, appreciating the difference. We hope the video helps you to think about the racism question. Nice meditation!

education figures

Fortunately this video gives to the information of a part of the problem (being the problem where is destined the money in education). Please, share with us the figures in Countries different from US. We [...]