A flexible personalized education, which suits the interests and abilities of each child, that enhances his talent. Would be the ideal of any society: the implementation of a method of individualized instruction, suitable to train experts in diverse fields and to prevent that common students frustration. And yet, our current standardized and rigid educational systems, can not be further apart from the concept.

Occasionally some voices arise in this regard, making us think. There are cases that show us another possible kind of education. Logan Laplante is one of them: a boy, 13 years old, who left school and began to study at home. Thus he got what was completely impossible in school: progress at his own pace, with high motivation and depending on his needs and concerns. Results are spectacular: Logan explains it in this TED conference, which he structures around a statement: what a child really wants is that when growing be happy and healthy, and his education should focus on this two axes. Other responses that the education system may give are addressed on what adults want to hear.