If you read about the practice of meditation benefits, you will find a long list:

It helps in physical relaxing as mindfulness helps in retraining the body functions, so that the use of the necessary energy becomes an efficient process and the person is in harmony with the body. Gives us more aware of the processes of thought, even if the thoughts exist, we aren’t dominated by the mind and this not disturbance always plays to our advantage. It also helps in improving the managing emotions, for the same reason, emotions are recognized but not identified with a single, there is more inner peace. With continuous practice of meditation we expand consciousness, making the inner dialogues don’t distract the mind, and we foster both self-understanding and self-knowledge, including the own system of beliefs. Additionally, high levels of calm mind, promotes the ability to be creative and development of memory, as we set aside inhibitory emotions and we become friends of being aware, the best ally of memory. Finally, without being a restrictive list, meditation helps to promote spiritual development, without necessarily tying it to a religion, but with all the value in any case entails.


We saw in the ‘es’ magazine there are schools that are encouraging the habit (or art) of meditating, congratulations! Hopefully soon to be a very widespread practice!