Frequent Asked Questions

Please read this section with frequently asked questions and if your question is not among the answers, fill out the contact form included at the ‘contact’ section and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Why Sophia?

We looked for a common place to discuss issues of ‘knowledge’, Sofos seemed appropriate; feminine values ​​in accordance with nowadays value, made us think of Sophia.

Do your work for a exclusive client or institution?

Not exclusively. Our clients are Schools that face a significant change and want to undertake it successfully.

How can I collaborate with Sophia?

Sophia performs two main branches of activity: helps the maturation of business of young companies aimed at improving education and runs nonprofit programs performed for schools and teachers, parents and children.
We are looking for volunteers to join a community through this initiative that works to contribute to the education improvement around the world. You will be very welcome!
We seek collaborators to perform different actions related to the growth of the initiative, if you have a weekly time to devote to education, please contact us!
We have partnerships with various players in the field of education.

What does it take to educate at home?

  • adapted educational plans
  • educational material and resources
  • test – evaluation templates to make a correct follow – up of the evolution of your children

Is there possible to homeschool in Spain?

  • Home Schooling in Spain is pending regulation, however there are parents who educate at home, an option that in many cases is supervised by social services, to protect the rights of the child and ensure that it is properly cared for.

Could eventually homeschooling derive into a children loss of custody?

  • A visit to control social services so far has not meant a withdrawal of custody, in most cases a check is made of the educational plan, family structure and the situation of the child, for the protection of the child.
  • If there is no proper follow-up, relationships with social services may not thrive and force the family to go back to school. This is possible at any age, with the child returning to the appropriate course by age.
  • In extreme cases, custody has been withdrawn for cases where there were additional reasons justifying it. It is a recurring situation and does not have to happen.

Can children who have been homeschooled to access higher education?

  • In most modalities of higher studies (Higher Degree, College, etc.…), it is possible to take access tests.
  • Requires individualized counseling prepared two courses in advance if possible.

How can we start collaborating with you?

  • Through the form on this website (contact), in which you indicate your interest in associating. We will send you application forms and a schedule of possible services to ask for.