About – Sophia for Education Talks

“If you walk alone you will go faster;
if you walk accompanied you will go further “

African proverb

A new education world is possible.

We are immersed in a noisy society, complaining about the education system and the lack of preparation in young people; a society who passively observes the paradox of having to go towards helping children to achieve the ‘twenty-first century skills’ while existing inertias in the scholar system are big.

The environment we observed during these months of working in the world of children education of (K12), clings to outdated patterns to follow the official learning curriculum oriented to preform correctly in rankings. SOPHIA is born to accompany the transition from current education to those oriented to develop children talents.

As of children’s responsible we are as a society, we share with you, lector, next questions: Have we assumed that education is an exclusively school competence? The health of our children depends only from doctors’ performance? We are too tired to educate when we get home? Schools are not able to educate the difference because there is too much difference?

Nowadays children are different, which is grasped by doctors, teachers, professors and parents! They can say ‘no’ to our ways of doing things being ‘uncomfortable’, ‘annoying’ or ‘difficult’ and, our reaction, avoiding this view is not fair.

SOPHIA Education Funds mission is to contribute to improving the educational environment, to help the so-called ‘skills in the XXI century’ stop being a claim on paper and transcend the classroom, and society.

We are part of a group of initiatives born in Barcelona, with global and international partners, to work for the children, because as adults will be able to develop in this complex world that is already here. And, from a service spirit, we are sure to be able to agglutinate parents, teachers, administrations and governments volitions, as well as children’s to start walking from noise to silence, from outside to inside, from ‘having’ to ‘being’.

Sophia Education

Sophia Education Funds is an initiative with the mission of contributing to the pedagogical change of the XXI century and ensuring the rights of children, being aligned with the values of the ASCD.org and of the FDCW and signing the Charter of Children’s Rights, in addition to providing of an own ideology, shared with the associates.

Sophia works on two fronts which are specified in two different instruments, @Sophiaeducationfunds that spreads the message and values and the association Sophia for Education Talks, a non-profit organization that works on education, health and childhood aspects with the aim of help provide families and educators with new generation products and services that contribute to pedagogical innovation.

What do we like?

  • Emotional education and mindfulness, which contribute to the development of capacities such as self-management, self-regulation, self-criticism, self-image, self-knowledge, self-sufficiency, critical thinking, own criteria, etc.
  • Writing and reading comprehension, as a fundamental element to develop all academic and moral competences
  • Knowledge of all government, financial and social systems.
  • Sustainable, renewable and respectful orientation, survival, cultivation, architecture and energy activities.
  • Logic and mathematics applied to life: pure mathematics, statistics, calculus and measurement, technical drawing, palpable systems….
  • The natural sciences through exploration and experimentation to discover the world and environment from experience and verification of hypotheses, facts, cause and effect.
  • Philosophy and history as axes to understand the present reality and project the expected future with communication, analysis, research and understanding techniques.