Theres’s a lot of information in this Millennials’ news from las Sunday the 28th of February.

Changes in the working environment with the arrival of the first digital generation native will obey to:
1. Who they are as a culture, as a group; we like the definition of R.Roca ‘they are flexible, results-oriented, fast, digitized, sociable, constantly in professional development, preferring quality and freedom against stability’.

From Sophia Education we add that in a few years we will also see that they are very group oriented, being very important the individual’s relationship with the group, for personal and professional growth; also responsible, more than previous generations, now we are not talking about a job to fulfill but a dream to experience and they are very aware, because more and more -and this is a good news- not everything is accepted. Many of Millennials, from diagnoses of attention deficit, will have learned to master the mindfulness.
2. Their spaces, much more magic, clean in every way, to allow creativity, full of inspiration … certainly far from what we understand as an ‘office’ nowadays and with totally different uses and schedules. The confusion between personal and professional life will soon be complete.
3. The corporate culture will come imbued with the values ​​of the millennials / knowmads and old leaderships will appear like obsolete because what moves them are the challenges, the illusions. They change scale for focussing and through the values ​​of transparency and professionalism they will provide brands value …to those who will be able to attract talent. … Or the challenge is very clear and compelling or they will choose being a self-employed.

From Sophia Education we help children in the acquisition of the ‘XXI century skills’ providing children the tools they will need in the transition to a new relationships map in the working environment. Hopefully this ‘millennial territory’ helps us to take advantage for job transformation: gray change into colors and efficiency has its base in passion.