We think that Creative teaching & learning is possible without technology,... but scholars today attention catchment is easiest through technology.  

Teaching and love

Teaching is a question of love, without this relation with students, without a positive and generous emotion from educators, theres's no possibilities of learning.

Education world wide…

Education mean more than technology, to this tablet and this internet connection you need to add: a teacher with strong empathy, parents with criteria about what kind of education is appropriate for their kids and [...]

No homework

Agreeing here. For children: more important than having tons of knowledge is to have time for themselves.

Bett 2016

The best of Bett show is always Teacher's comments posted into Bett arena's wall... enjoy!  

Sophia & UNESCO rethinking education

Sophia Education team thinks, as UNESCO, that we should rethink education to help children to achieve XXIst Century Skills, broader than nowadays curricular contents are. Sophia's programs are prepared to help in transition. Welcome milenials! [...]

Summer homework

A super nice teacher recommends his students a new brand way of planning homework: El profesor Cesare Catà, de la Escuela de Humanidades del Centro Escolar Paritario Don Bosco de Fermo (Italia), ha revolucionado el [...]