Soft Skills

What brought us to launch a Skills program?

School is still content oriented nowadays community is talking about skills curriculum but actually we act curriculum oriented to perform properly in PISA standards. However, what companies say is they need people who have profiles of so-called soft skills (or XXIst Century Skills), which help job versatility, flexibility and teamwork.
These skills are mainly acquired between 0 and 8 years by 90%.

What we propose to you?

A series of workshops designed to achieve the blackboard written skills.


Between 6 and 10 years.

In what format?

  1. School programs Format designed to complement the hours of tutoring or school outings.
  2. In the form of extracurricular activities through contact the school or AMPA.

Working with children skills through…

  1. Activities of relaxation and emotional self run emocional.
  2. Cultural Activities Recreational. School outings.
  3. Social Activities: collaboration with
    NGOs and institutions concerned with children.
  4. Sports activities:Skate practice.
  5. Musical activities: percussion.
  6. Communication activities: cinema and journalism.

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