When I grow up I want to become…

What brought us to launch a Vocational orientation program?

Two trends existing today: children must choose the path of education in very early stages of the curricular route and the change and instability in the workplace, the result of a digital and ‘liquid’ world in which values and employability rational has changed and is in the process of making it even more.

What we propose to you?

A process consisting in two phases:

1 – diagnosis of the nature and possible affinities according to the personality of the child.

2 – identification of strengths with respect to the affinities detected in the first phase.

In what format?

  1. Face to face consultations. The result of the consultation should be considered as the two phases.

For more information:

UNESCO – https://www.oas.org/cotep/GetAttach.aspx?lang=en&cId=569&aid=836