Pedagogical Consultancy

What brought us to launch a Q&A program?

From the observation of many circumstances in relations parents – children, Sophia’s team found that children and adolescents have in daily basis many unanswered questions and often this fact affects cognitive and personal development of children. Most of the time is because they do not dare ask the question, due to an emotional anchor.

What we propose to families?

The Sophia’s psychologists team can answer questions that children will formulate, ever from a respect for the families perspective and a wish to help them unblock issues that are important to them and which have not yet find the right course.


Between 9 and 15 years.

In what format?

  1. The family offers the possibility to send us his son question.
    – The first question was answered for free. View form. We propose the children to share with their respons parents.

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