Mindfulness or the happiness door

What brought us to launch a Mindfulness program?

Sophia ‘s team is in great esteem with the tool of meditation as a way to advance in life. The attention to the breath is nice to stay in the present, and the ability to smile even when things do not go as we want, are essential in today’s world.

What we propose to you?

An experiential training to help emphasize the here and now. An experience to open the door to learning from the knowledge and contact with the personal reality. This is a learning to help to grow from many points of view as mindfulness is the best tool to boost concentration.


Between 6 and 8 years.

In what format?

  1. Teacher training format, to be able to apply. In the daily work of classroom management
  2. Out of school format, directly aimed at children. SOPHIA contacted by the school or AMPA

For more information:

We attended to form our members to ‘Wake Up Schools’ program