Emotional Education Copy

What brought us to launch an Emotional Education program?

The understanding of what is behind the emotion and the importance of its links with learning. Knowledge of your body, your feelings and your emotional state are conditions to be ready to receive or to create knowledge.

What we propose to you?

A three hour workshop recognition activities of body and mind. The time spent is the minimum space to all aspects that we need to work to.

In what format?

  1. In schools: classes or tutoring; The workshop works together teacher and children.
    To give them also tools to apply in the future, without our intervention.
  2. Family: under demand by a group of five families.
    AMPAs: within the framework of a AMPA’s meeting. Systemic work

For more information:

REDES – http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/redes/redes-aprendizaje-social-20130526-2130-169/1839588