Entrepreneurship Program for Kids

What brought us to launch a Entrepreneurship program?

The team of Sophia comes from the world of business and knows entrepreneurship beyond the methodology: we think it is an art rather than a technique.
The program is designed in two ways: to provide the financial culture, suitable for both the personal and the business sides, from a neutral and skills oriented point of view.

What we propose to you?

A formation that responds in a useful manner to the questions: #How does companies work? #What do we buy, as a customers and how do we do? #What is the process to follow to grow the company? # What is the economy for the common good concept? # What is a ‘financial instrument’? # What is a ‘startup’ ?, among others.

In what format?

  1. Curricular format. Social sciences Area. Project based learning.
  2. Extra schoolar format, we work for the school or the AMPA.

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